Businesses often have a dilemma whether to outsource a logistics service or to keep it in-house. We’ll provide a set of reasons on why to prefer outsourcing.

  1. Logistics and the supply chain is a relevant part of the business, but may not be the primary concern for you. You and your colleagues are busy with managing the core business and you just don’t have enough time for everything. Well, why should you?! That’s why it makes sense for you to contract a logistics service provider. This will save you time and nerves.

    Logistics service

    Source: Fortune 500 Most Successful Businesses

  3. The quality of the service provided is very high due to it being offered by professionals to whom logistics is the core business. Your benefit is a safer and better quality shipping service and a fixed time for sending your shipments.

  5. You’ll save money. When outsourcing your logistics your fixed costs become variable costs. The transportation service costs exactly as much as you use it and not a cent more. Your overall costs for the logistics decrease – administrative, staff costs and maintenance of vehicles.

  7. You are free to make the most out of seasonality in logistics – send your goods when it is the cheapest.

  9. If you won’t have enough goods for a full truck load, then the service provider can piece together goods from different customers – larger orders benefit from lower average prices by economies of scale.

  11. When outsourcing a logistics service, you will not have to make huge investments for storehouses or trucks. You’ll avoid the high risks and high loan interests. Should the business not go as planned, you can cancel the service any time, and you won’t have to bear any expenses.

  13. The logistics companies have a possibility to transport a wide variety of goods, some of which demand a specific temperature, are liquid, etc. Normally this would require a big investment from your side, but this can be avoided with a contractor.

  15. The contractors are in a good position to meet the changes in various nuances or your service requirements.

By outsourcing your logistics you’ll save yourself a headache and all the worries that would otherwise come with it.