Full container load or FCL is one way of sending your goods to any destination you prefer. This kind of transport means that the load for a particular shipment is already at its maximum weight allowed for transportation. It is usually a standard container that usually measures twenty to forty-foot and that the common practice is that full container load is assigned to one shipper. Although it has the word full in it, shipper may opt not to fill the container and instead just reserve the space for whatever special needs he might want it for.

Full container load

There is also another kind of container load which is the Less than Container Load (LCL) which is a bit opposite of an FCL. For instance, with LCL you can share the shipment container with other shippers. Thus, this kind of container sharing can be very beneficial for you in terms of costs and you can share it with other shippers.

However, if you have large shipments then LCL is not advisable. In this case, full container load is the main option and the most sensible thing to hire. Ask for our freight forwarder if you want to ship your goods with either one of them.

Full container load or FCL is only for your own use and thus you can be ensured that damage is lessened due to bumping of different goods in one container.


With FCL, you can have lots of advantages in your logistic needs especially if you intend to deliver large goods. Additionally, there would be less handling of your goods as surely it will only be opened to its point of destination or depending upon your instructions.  Additionally, if you are shipping special goods and equipment then FCL will be able to work best for this need. Fragile goods such as chemicals for instance are best placed into special containers that can handle these materials. With FCL, you can be ensured that these products will be delivered to the point of destination without any fail.

You should find a shipment company that has full amenities and capabilities to provide you with a full container load shipment. Make sure that the shipment company has a feature than can allow you to track your shipments, be it on the internet or any other means. Also, it is better if the shipment company can easily provide you with the estimated shipment cost so as you can immediately budget it.

Loading your cargo is a delicate process as it is a way to ensure that the quality of your products or goods remains the same from the time it comes out of your manufacturing plant. For large goods, full container load FCL is the best choice as you can ensure that it will be handled less and in a proper way.

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