Admit it or not, the ocean may be a good source of a lot of raw materials which can be useful to mankind, but somehow, it is also a big hindrance. In what way? Well, the ocean separates countries from one another thus making communication difficult at some point. Trading goods has been really difficult in the past. But with the birth of shipping, especially full container load shipping, everything seemed to have become easier. There are many things to learn about this form of shipping because not everyone knows about it.


To better understand this topic, there’s no better way to start than to define the term with the help of examples. If you have been to the port, you have probably seen those really big containers being loaded to the ships or just being placed in the storage areas near the port. They come in a variety of colors and are made mostly of steel. It is also referred to as FCL by most of the shipping companies.

“FCL has been so helpful in transporting goods locally or even internationally. But, how does this kind of shipping actually work?”

You already know what a container looks like, right? FCL is a term that means one person can use the whole container for his/her personal shipping of cargos. For instance, if you are a businessman and you want to ship some products to another country, you can choose to pay for the entire container and place the products there. This method has been a favorite of a lot of people already because it is cost-efficient compared to cargo bulk type of shipping.

Those containers have different sizes too. It all depends on the company and of course, from which country you are from. The most popular ones and often in demand are the containers which are 20 feet or 40 feet in size. The high-cubes or hicubes are also joining the competition and are well-patronized by some people. Hicubes are smaller in size compared to the other containers, having only a standard size of 9.5 feet.

Full container load

Confused on what container will best fit your needs? The best solution to that is to go to the nearest freight company and have them assess the cargos that need to be shipped. After that, the person in-charge will give you the best container there is. Once you have a deal, the next step is loading of the things to the container and then to the ship. Once the container has reached its destination, a delivery truck will take the cargo and deliver it to the address given by the client and unload it for them.

The whole process sounds easy and convenient, right? Thanks to the magic brought by full container load shipping. It really made transporting goods faster without sacrificing the quality of the service and the goods. You can be assured that the container will be handled safely and carefully. Look for a really good freight company that you can trust. In that way, you’ll be assured that everything will be taken care of the way you want it to be.