The good thing about shipping goods is that consumers nowadays have more options of how they want to do it. Freight companies are doing their best to adjust and therefore cater to the needs of the customers. A kind of ocean shipment that people can opt to is an LCL container.  Is it the first time you heard of it? No problem! Everything about this container will be discussed here. It is really better to research about something first before spending money on it. In that way, you can assess if it is worth your money or even time.


To better understand it, how about first defining what LCL stands for. LCL means “less than container load”. Still a little vague, right? Well to simplify it a little bit, imagine those big steel containers being loaded into trucks. Their colors can be red, blue, or just anything. Those containers are where the cargo is placed. After that, those containers will be shipped to their destination and delivered to the exact address.

Now where does LCL come in the picture? Well, the containers are really big, aren’t they? In fact, there is a 20 ft container and the other measures 40 ft. In order for a container to be shipped, it has to reach its maximum allowable weight or measurement. If not, then it won’t be allowed to go anywhere. This is what is meant by less than container load. The customer’s cargos are not enough to fill one container so the freight company has to wait for other customer’s cargos that will be placed in that container until it reaches the maximum weight. Here is a little more on containers.

Just like in many other things, LCL has its pros and cons. Depending on the situation, LCL is proven to be beneficial to use for some people.

Some say that this kind of container is kind of expensive on the part of the customer and entails more hassle on the part of the freight company. But the amount due for one container will be divided among the customers who share that container. It’s already a good deal, isn’t it? But the freight company has to double its effort in finding other customers who are willing to share a container with others.

LCL is actually preferred by some businessmen because once their products are ready; they can use LCL to send it right away instead of waiting for a container to be filled. In this way, there will be a continuous supply of that product, thus ensuring the productivity of the business.

You really have the option of getting an LCL container or not. First, study your needs and from there, check with your chosen freight company and ask for some advice of what service is fit for your needs. In that way, no effort and time will be wasted. The freight company can also adjust to your needs in order to provide you with better services. Negotiate well, tell the company of your needs, and come up with a good contract between the two of you.