For international shipping quite detailed information on the characteristics of the shipment is required. You should provide the logistics company with info on the weight, quantity and the type of packaging used. Here is an example for you to help avoid some mistakes in the future:

eur palletThe most typical way to notify a logistics company about the quantity of the cargo is the number of pallets and their weight. However, you should also notify the type of the pallet, because they come in different sizes and this is where the biggest errors come in. EUR pallets are 1.2 x 0.8m, whereas FIN pallets for instance are 1.2 x 1m, and there are many more. You wouldn’t want to get it wrong.

When packing your cargo to unstandardized pallets, it is crucial to tell the freight forwarder the exact measurements. If you want to transport loose cargo that is not packed to the pallets, it makes sense to tell the quantity in loading metres – LDM. This is a space that the cargo takes from the length of the trailer. A detailed info on the quantity and the weight is important, because this will help avoid the situation where the cargo won’t fit into the trailer (especially when you are using less-than-truckload shipping). Detailed information helps avoid any kind of surprises that might occur.

If you are having difficulties determining the information relevant, our freight forwarder will gladly help you out. If necessary he will contact your supplier regarding the details of the shipment.

International shippingIt is also extremely important for the logistics company that you provide the exact time when your shipment is ready to be loaded, so as to avoid the truck from arriving too early. Your freight forwarder can take care of this also and to fix a time with the supplier. International shipments are an everyday work for the freight forwarders, so they can handle it quickly.

International shipping always starts from a properly filled in order form. Things like the quantity and weight of the cargo have to be noted down, as well as the loading and drop-off point, dates, contact persons and the price of the service (which has to be fixed with you and the logistics company already before the cargo is loaded on the truck).