Have you bought yourself a car and need help transporting it?

ETS Logistics offers cheap car carrier trailer transport from Germany to Estonia

car carrier transport from germanyYou can order a door-to-door car transport service right here. Hit the Get a Free Quote button below to send the details of your shipment. We promise to get back to you in a few moments.

The service includes:

  • A personal freight forwarder to help you on the various questions that might come up
  • Help with the paperwork and Customs when shipping from outside the EU
  • A door to door service; pickup and delivery wherever you need
  • A suitable truck to pick up your goods from your door
  • The best price on the market and no hidden fees included
  • You can order a 100% risk insurance
  • Making an authorization letter if seller ask it from you

Our company have a huge experience in car hauilng from all Europe including Germany to Estonia.

We have clients both among companies operating in vehicle sales and mediation, and private persons.

You can be sure that your vehicle will be transported safely by experienced professionals and it will be delivered in time.

Do not be afraid to ask any further questions if you are interested in shipping your car to Estonia


These companies use ETS Logistics services every day