Have you ever ordered goods from China? Have you taken quotations on transportation from China? If yes, then keep on reading.

china shippingA typical behaviour is to take a quotation from various sea transport companies and compare their prices. The Chinese sellers typically offer a transportation service together with the purchase of goods. And you might have noticed that the prices are typically quite a bit cheaper compared to your other quotes. So, no need to think twice and just go with the seller’s choice. Right?

Wrong! There is always a catch that you need to know.
The quotations you get have differences in them. The Chinese sea transportation normally doesn’t include your local expenses after the goods have arrived at your national port. But such expenses may make up to 30% of the total price. Furthermore, this means that after the goods have arrived at your national port, the liability of the Chinese partner ends and all terminal fees and organization is up to you. Should you be late with your paperwork you might be charged for storing the goods on the port’s premises. This definitely means a lot of stress and headache.

What’s the solution?

Our suggestion when comparing quotations is:  make sure what the sea transportation quote consists of. Do not be afraid to ask the service provider further questions or explanations to terms that you do not understand! Besides pricing, take into account your own potential time spent on each scenario and see if it makes a difference.