1 A quality service is most importantWe are known for our friendly and quick customer service. We work hard for it every day. 5 Hidden expenses are not honestWe can offer the best price for our customers. The price is final and without any hidden or extra fees.
2 The beauty of simplicityWe make logistics easy for you to understand. 6 Transportation is not rocket science – We do not leave our customers in trouble. If we cannot help you, we recommend somebody who can.
3 Our customer is our capitalOur customers pay for the service. That is why we answer only to them and do not take anything for granted. 7

A long-term contract will not grant success – You decide how long you want to co-operate with us. A contract duration does not have to be measured in years.

4 Time is of the essenceWe value your time. You are not required to fill out endless forms, read through contracts that are pages long and wait for days for us to answer. 8

Nobody is perfect – If we are wrong, we bear the responsibility. We are cautious not to make mistakes, if we do, we try to learn from them.


All the best,


Aleksander Bankiir

ETS Logistics Ltd