Shipping nationwide is much different than shipping internationally. For instance, you might have to look for air freight companies UK-bound. As convenient as it would be for the United Kingdom to be right outside your front yard, it could be miles and miles away. But hey, that’s nothing to be sad about. All you’ve got to do is invest a little of your time, and yes, money. Having United Kingdom right outside your yard sounds a lot more pleasing now, doesn’t it? But if you’re honestly set on getting that shipment sent, then a little monetary sacrifice is worth it.

air freight

Air freight is when your shipment is being transported via airplane. A lot of times, freight usually implies that you’re shipping something really heavy, big, or just a lot of it. These types of cargo require the use of pallets, which make it easier to move and organize them. Here’s an easy example that pretty much everyone can relate to. Whenever people travel by airplane, they bring luggage. Some things are small enough for carry-on, while everything else is checked in.

Luggage that’s checked in is typically too large and too heavy to be placed in the airplane’s cabins, so they’re placed in the cargo hold. Items in the cargo hold are a good instance of air freight. They vary in shape, size, and weight. But in other cases, air freight might mean transporting a whole entire airplane, by airplane. You might not believe it, but that does happen. There are airplanes specifically designed for handling cargo that reaches huge proportions.

Now that you’ve learned a bit about air freight, let’s get to the important stuff; air freight companies bound for the United Kingdom.

If you’ve figured out that you want to ship through air freight or that your cargo requires air freight transportation, you can take a step further. You might not be totally familiar with the entire air freight process, and that’s completely understandable. At this point, it’d be best to consult a company that is willing to handle your cargo. They’re much experienced on the matter, which means you can have all your inquiries and concerns answered.

Shipping to the United Kingdom is much different from shipping across the country. Here’s where important legal documentation comes in to play, since you want your shipment to enter a different country. And, the UK is split into four different regions:

  • England
  • Northern Ireland
  • Wales
  • Scotland

Each region has its own policies on international shipping. So when you’re consulting a company, make sure you’re clear about which part of the United Kingdom you’re talking about.

You may feel like you have to do a lot just to get your cargo shipped off, but a lot of the hard work is done by the company itself. Just be certain to take a good look at all the possible air freight companies UK-bound. This is so you can be certain that your cargo is in good hands. All in all, don’t swear it. Take your time, find the right resources, do proper documentation, and your cargo will be in the UK in no time.