If you are planning to send goods and packages to people living in far away places, knowledge of some, if not all, freight services will be an advantage. Many people will agree that shipping is not an easy task. It takes a lot of planning and preparation. And if you are new to this thing, then you might find yourself getting lost into the endless paper works and requirements. As a start, you can do some research in the internet or even ask your friends and loved ones about the services they know. Or you can go directly to a freight company and ask your way around.

There are quite a number of services that different freight companies are offering. But the most common ones will be discussed here in detail. The first one will be the simple ones called LTL. LTL stands for “less than truckload” which means the cargo being shipped will not need the full 48 foot trailer or even the 53 foot trailer. So if you are planning to make use of this service, the shipments will be loaded into van trailers which are usually well-covered. There are different kinds of trailers that you can use depending on your needs such as refrigerated trailers, trailer with roll-up doors in the rear, and many others.

truck transport Concerning the rates of LTL, it may be somewhat vary because it depends on some factors. These factors are referred to as class, the pick-up and destination zip codes also known as “the lane”, and weight. To somehow lessen the cost of LTL services, some companies give discounts to their customers by lowering the class of the shipments. For example, you want to ship 90 vases to one of your stores in the United States. But the problem is you find it too costly so you ask for a discount. The company will lower the class of your shipments to 50 instead of 90 so you’ll be paying less.

The second one in the list is ocean freight. From the name itself, it involves transporting shipments by means of ships across seas or oceans. This kind of service makes use of shipping containers – the big, color-coded metal containers that you might have seen being carried by big trucks. The shipments are being placed inside the containers and loaded into ships.

If your shipments are big enough to occupy a whole container, you’ll have to avail of FCL or the “full container load”. Or if not, there is the LCL or “less-than-container load” that you can use. There are also others like non-containerized cargo, oversized cargos, and RoRo or also known as “Roll-on/Roll-off”. There are also companies that offer extra services like the following:

  • Door to door pick-up and delivery of shipments
  • Terminal to terminal pick-up and delivery of shipments
  • Port to port pick-up and delivery of shipments

Those services have been proven to provide ease to everybody’s life. So what are you waiting for? Choose one of these freight services that will best suit your needs.