Today we are giving you some insights on how seasonality affects the logistics business and how you can save a bargain by timing your shipments.

seasonality in logisticsLogistics services are largely affected by the different seasons of the year (autumn, winter, spring, summer). Each season has a different demand curve for logistics services, which means that prices can change quite a bit each season.

In logistics everything is dependant on the overall number of trucks available, and the quantity of import and export goods in road transport. If export/import rises the availability of trucks decreases, which obviously means a higher cost for renting a truck. On the other side, when exporting is at it’s low, the availability of trucks increases and prices go down.

The field of logistics typically experiences a low season in transport in spring and summer months and peaks in autumn and winter. During the summer time people have their vacations and quite many factories are on a collective leave. This means that there is not that much demand for logistics services, especially for export services. So you might want to schedule your orders for the summer time.

The real transportation season starts in autumn, when people are back from their vacations and factories go into full capacity. It can even happen in autumn that the demand for the trucks is higher than the availability even though prices for the service peak, so autumn definitely is not the wisest time to ship your goods. The active transportation time usually lasts until Christmas, because consumption is very high then for a variety of goods.

After Christmas and the New Year activity decreases and the volume of cargo shipped decreases step by step until again the summer season comes.

So, what’s there to learn from it. If your business model supports it, you should consider importing or exporting your goods during the spring or summer time and not in autumn or winter. This way you’ll save a bargain! Just keep the seasonality of logistics in the back of your head.