What is ‘logistics’? Logistics is a fancy word describing the total process of the shipment or transportation of goods from one place to another. You should know that when you are shopping online and have experienced packages delivered right to your doorstep. Common businesses like grocery stores are also making use of these services for the shipment of products for restocking. That’s just a general description or a basic idea of logistics. But in logistics, especially for those who are working professionals in the said field, there are a lot of different terms to be familiar with. One of these terms is “less than container load”.

First things first, a container basically refers to a huge metal box use to hold a large quantity of goods. It’s also known as a freight container. You’ve probably seen them stored at sea ports where they’re stacked up for storage or being loaded onto trucks for transport. In logistics, it’s more than just moving things from one location to another. It’s a process and a complex one at that. So there are specific criteria and requirements for shipping specific things.

Freight container

The term mentioned earlier is often abbreviated as “LCL”. A freight container has a standard capacity for holding goods, but when it’s an LCL, it means there isn’t enough cargo to fill the whole container. Unfortunately, shipping an LCL on its own wouldn’t be cost-efficient, which can be problematic. For example, you have to wait for your container to be filled by cargo from other clients, which delays your shipment altogether.

Discouraged by the obstacles an LCL might present? Take it easy; there’s a way around them.

But fortunately, many shipping companies offer safe and reliable solutions to this. Many shipping companies across the globe have recognized this problem and thus have thought of ways to alleviate it. Here are some of these ways:

  • Some services offer the shipment of LCL cargo at an affordable price.
  • Your cargo can be quickly and efficiently organized to share containers with other importers/exporters so that you only have to pay for the area of that container you are using.
  • Many services set an exact departure time, so the speed and skill at which companies find space or other cargo to fill up a container means your shipment gets to its destination without any delay.

You might be worried that your shipment is being mixed with others’ but a trustworthy shipping company will assess all unique requirements of your cargo before putting it in the same freight container as another importer or exporter. Especially with today’s fast-paced economy, people are trying their best to respond to the particular needs of their different clients. Also keep in mind that you must do your part by looking for a reliable company that lives up to your standards.

So for those who are worried about your less than container load, worry not! There are plenty of alternatives at your disposal so that your shipment not only costs less, but it stills gets to its destination on time. Everyone wins, right? So go ahead and get it shipped!