Before shipping it is crucial to always pack items properly. The purpose of the packaging or box is to protect your shipment from vibration and friction. Packing items doesn’t mean buying expensive packaging materials, you can always manage with handy materials from your home.

Some simple tips to help you pack your items:

  • Find a suitable packaging for your items. Most likely you will have some carton or plastic boxes at home that you can use. If you are shipping fragile goods a wooden box would be most suitable. Don’t pick an oversize box, because the transportation cost is based on the size of the box, so you’ll end up paying more.
  • If the shipment consists of several items, pack each item separately into a bubble wrap. If you don’t have one handy, use old newspapers instead. The purpose is to avoid friction between the items and the external packaging.
  • Place all the items into a carton or plastic box. Fill the empty space with infilling – newspapers, bubble wrap, etc. Before closing the box, test it by shaking it mildly. If the items move around or clang, add more infilling.
  • Close the box properly. Adhesive tape is best suited for it. When packing don’t spare the tape – the more the merrier. Don’t forget to tape the sides as well.

When the items are fragile, use special markings on the box. You can most likely get such stickers from your post office.

Keep the box upright

Fragile goods









Here is a video showing how you should ideally pack your items:

If your shipment weighs a few hundred kilos or more, then load your shipment to a pallet. Here is how to pack your goods on a pallet.