The article provides you with a short overview of how TIR shipping works? You can also find more information on the post – what is TIRTIR

  1. Contact a shipping company who is authorized for TIR cargo
  2. Make a shipping agreement
  3. Load the cargo onto the vehicle or container
  4. Make an authorization letter to the shipping company to represent you in the customs
  5. Provide the customs office with invoice of the cargo, the consignment note and the packing list
  6. The vehicle will be inspected together with the TIR-carnet by the customs office
  7. The customs office will fill in the required documents (TIR-carnet, export declaration)
  8. The customs office will verify that everything is legal and if so, the cargo is free to go

 This is where your involvement ends. The formalities in the receiving country are up to the receiver of the cargo already.

  1. The cargo moves from point A to B
  2. The cargo and the TIR-carnet is taken to the destination customs office
  3. The customs office verifies the cargo and the paperwork. TIR is closed
  4. When necessary the receiver pays the taxes to the destination country
  5. The cargo is unloaded

So as you can see the procedure is quite simple. Feel free to ask any questions you might have regarding TIR.