We have had instances in our lives in which we hope we could efficiently send something over to some other country and, nowadays, that dilemma is just a piece of cake because we already have reliable logistics companies. The shipment of goods is very limited and sometimes takes a lot of time to do. But as the years passed, communication has improved and so did shipping. Shipping goods might not be the forte of many people but learning a little information about it will surely help in the future. One basic concept to be learned is full container load (or FCL). It is rather a broad topic so let’s take it one at a time.


For one to fully understand the concept, a little defining will help. Have you seen that metal or steel containers which are rectangular in form? These are usually seen in ship ports and transported by shipping companies. It is termed as FCL because a person has the choice of getting a container which is only filled with his/her things. Sounds great, right? This kind of service is provided by transport companies. FCL is mostly preferred by many people because it is generally cheaper compared to cargo bulk.

There is a certain size of the FCL but it really depends on the company and the country. The 20 feet or 40 feet containers are one of the most popular especially in ocean shipping. The high-cube containers otherwise spelled as hicubes are also gaining popularity. The standard and most in demand size for hicube containers is 9.5 feet.

The size of the container really depends on the things that you will place in it. So to be sure, visit the nearest freight company near you and have the things weighed. After that, they’ll recommend the size of the container that fits your needs.

Aside from its affordability; FCL is popular among people because the whole process is really convenient for almost anyone. The shipping process is speedy and reliable.

Another reason why FCL has become so popular is the convenience of the whole shipping process. This varies from one company to another but generally the process goes as follows:

  • It all starts by picking up the container from the container yard. The container already has the things you placed in it. Some companies even offer to bring the container right in front of your house. It’s less hassle on your part and to the companies’ too.
  • After that, the container will be loaded to the shipper’s facility then transported by truck to the port of the waiting ship that will transport the cargo to its destination.
  • When the cargo reached the port of its destination, some companies provide delivery to the exact address and the recipient. They can even unload the cargo for the recipient.

The steps mentioned above are just so convenient, aren’t they? Those can still be modified depending on your needs. Just make sure to talk with your freight forwarding company representative in order to come up with something that will really cater to your needs. Let the full container load be the answer to you shipping problems.