Most people don’t really know what small pallet delivery means. But for those people who have their own business, this kind of delivery is something very common for them. It is a great help especially in terms of delivering goods from one location to another. A small pallet is a wooden frame where the cargo is being placed. It serves as support to goods being lifted by a forklift or other machineries. A small pallet is used to assist and carrying goods which are not that heavy.
Now that one has a good picture of how the process looks like, it’s time to talk about its’ uses.

forklift - small pallet

Some might wonder what is the use of a small pallet when the forklift can just directly lift the goods or the package. It really is simple. The forklift is big right? And the gaps there are kind of big so small goods have the tendency to fall off the gaps. Moreover, the pallet helps in keeping things in balance thus preventing goods from falling off the forklift. The pallets come in different sizes, which is good for accommodating more goods.

When talking about small pallet delivery, heavier and larger goods are not included. Large goods can be carried but there are limitations as to the maximum weight the small pallet can carry. There are many kinds of pallets and discussing them one by one would help as to which one should be used in certain goods or packages. Some of the examples are the following:

  • Paper
  • Metal – either aluminum, steel, etc
  • Wood
  • Plastic

Being familiar with small pallet delivery can be to one’s edge among others especially in the logistics industry.

In fact, anyone starting a business should be familiar with this, if the business requires transportation of goods or cargo.

Among the four, metal pallet is probably one that can be really trusted. They are sturdy and strong even for a longer period of time. This is usually used with heavier cargos because it can support those and more importantly, metal pallet can endure even the roughest and longest small pallet delivery. The cleaning part is easy plus it can be recycled. What a great way of saving right?

Wood pallet, on the other hand, is the usual thing we see. Unlike the metal pallet, it is much cheaper. When worn off, it can be easily disposed of and replaced. Paper pallet is mostly used in small and lighter loads while plastic pallet is better than paper pallet. Usually plastic pallet is made from recycled plastic therefore it takes a longer time for it to rot and decompose. Another plus point for this is that it is so easy to clean it.

With the different kinds of pallets listed above, pretty sure one already has an idea of what to use for that anticipated small pallet delivery. Just make sure all the areas to be considered are covered such as the object to be delivered, its weight, and lastly, choose what type of pallet is best suited for it.

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