There is a great probability that not everybody is familiar with what half pallet delivery is. It is not really surprising because this term is common to those people who are often shipping goods or cargo. But what about those who are not engaged in any business at all? This is the very reason having a little knowledge about half pallet delivery is important. Even if one has a different occupation than freight forwarder for instance; it would be an advantage to be knowledgeable about this kind of thing. The chances of having to ship goods in the future is possible so for starters, the information here will hopefully help one understand what half pallet delivery is.

First off, what is a pallet? Most of the time, people have already seen it but don’t know how it is called. Remember that thing holding the boxes as it is being lifted by the forklift? That is the pallet. The one mostly seen by many is the wooden frame type. What is the function of the pallet? That is a good question. Well, a forklift has big gaps in it right? So if the cargo is kind of small, it can easily fall off. With the help of a pallet, the packages can be easily lifted because they are balanced and arranged properly.

In doing half pallet delivery, usually there is a fixed rate but will vary depending on the company that one chooses. Why is it called a half pallet then? Actually, there are 3 standard sizes of pallets namely the following:


  • Full Pallet
  • Half Pallet
  • Quarter Pallet

Half Pallet Delivery is an easy concept to understand. It refers to the size of the pallet one would want to choose.

There is an exact measurement to this. Having measurements will help the workers sort out heavy from light cargo.

There is a standard size to follow for every full, half and quarter pallet. For instance, the full pallet has a dimension of 120cm (length), 100cm (width) and 220cm (height). The quarter pallet follows this dimension: 120cm (length), 100cm (width) and 80cm (height). As one can see, between the two, the only difference is the measurement of their height; the rest they are the same. When it comes to half pallet delivery, the shipping companies usually follow the standard dimension of a half pallet which is 120cm (length), 100cm (width), and 110cm (height). Just like the other two, the only difference there is among them is the measurement in height.

But what if the measurement of the packages exceeds those of the standard sizes? There is really no problem to this because some companies can adjust the dimensions in order to cater to one’s needs. The only thing is that there will be additional charges. The dimensions of the oversized pallet are the following:

  • Full Pallet – 240cm (length), 100cm (width), 220cm (height)
  • Half Pallet – 240cm (length), 100cm (width), 100cm (height)
  • Quarter Pallet – 240cm (length), 100cm (width), 80cm (height)

Hopefully the information above has been useful. Bearing these in mind, there will be no reason why getting a half pallet delivery would be difficult.