Say for example that one needs to ship to Finland or from Finland to any other location. How do they tackle this situation? Shipping is not the same as sending, so to speak. When people ship, they’re getting larger things delivered. Think of objects that are large in size or in bulk. For instance, factories ship finished products such as cars, computers, televisions, food, and so on in big, multiple batches. Although shipping is generally used synonymously to describe the delivery of all types of objects, sending or delivering is a better word to describe the transportation of smaller items, such as letters, parcels, and packages.

Finnish flag

Now that that’s out of the way, time to put more focus on shipments to and from Finland.

Where’s Finland?

For those who are not aware, Finland is a country located in Europe, surrounded by the countries Sweden, Russia, Norway, and Estonia. Most shipping, as described in the above paragraph, is for economical or commercial purposes.

Finland has created its own position in the industrial business, and when someone mentions the word ‘industry’ or ‘industrial’, one of the major words that come to mind is: factories.

Finland is the 65th biggest country in the world in terms of area, yet one of the most sparsely populated too. People tend to think that countries or areas that are densely populated are the only places participating actively in industry, but Finland is able to compete on the same economical level as other countries such as Germany, England, and France, which makes it a mighty commercial power. You are probably already familiar with the methods people use to transport goods, mainly by:

  • Air
  • Sea
  • And ground

You shouldn’t be discouraged if needing to ship cargo to Finland from far away.

Yes, it’s different from shipping nationwide, but it has become much easier for people to ship goods abroad.

Shipping to or from Finland is dominantly by sea with the utilization of ports. It is right next to the Baltic Sea, where for example Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania also lie. Some of Finland’s ports include:

  • Helsinki (the largest)
  • Hanko
  • Inkoo
  • Kokkola
  • Hamina
  • Joensuu
  • Lappeenranta
  • Kemi
  • Rauma

Shipping to FinlandFortunately for those who wish to send shipments to Finland for personal or economical purposes, there is a good deal of companies willing to offer their services.

Although Finland specializes in sea freight, it has businesses that offer not only that, but also air and road freight. Those living in or close to Finland can usually opt for road freight as long as there are connecting roads between locations. Air and sea freight are typically used when speaking of international shipments coming from abroad.

Remember that many of Finland’s shipping companies focus on maritime trading; shipping by sea. So make sure to inquire on whether or not one has options to ship via ground or air.

One last word of advice: sending shipments to Finland from other countries also means proper documentation and abiding by the policies the Finnish government has made. So for those who are trying for international shipping to Finland, check with the rules and regulations of shipping before taking action. This will help avoid any bumps along the way.