You are interested in a shipping service from Scotland to Finland? ETS Logistics would be glad to help you out. We offer you a quality service with an affordable price to any destination.

shipping to finlandETS Logistics will transport your goods from Scotland to Finland or vice versa within the time-frame given.

You can transport boxes, packages, but also pallets or even truckloads of goods.

Shipping service to Finland takes place on every work day, 5 days a week. On-demand also on the weekends.

On an average the shipping process takes 5 days to or from Finland.

The shipping service is door-to-door, so there is no need for you to worry about delivering or picking up the goods.

If you do not have the special equipment to load a trailer, then we’ll send a tail-lift truck to pick up the shipment.

Send us the information on your shipment today and we’ll get back in no-time.


These companies use ETS Logistics services every day