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shipping to finlandYou will get:

  • The best price on the market with no hidden fees or expenses
  • A door-to-door service – pick-up and delivery where needed
  • A personal freight forwarder to help you with the documentation and all the questions that might arise
  • You can store your goods on our premises if necessary
  • You will get a free insurance to your goods of up to £8 per gross kg, and you can order an all risk insurance if your goods exceed the value


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How is ETS Logistics able to offer the best price on the market?

ETS Logistics offers the most attractive and irresistible prices on the market when it comes to freight forwarding. ETS Logistics has also gone a step further to partner with a renowned road, air, and sea transport service providers and terminals in strategic locations across the country and beyond, to see to it that our customers’ needs are fully taken care of.
We understand the market, we understand our customers’ needs, and more importantly, we understand their customers. As such, we will always customize a spot price that will always reflect our long-standing tradition of being the most affordable business logistics partner when shipping to Finland or the other Nordic countries.

Why won’t I save money when going directly to transportation terminals?

ETS Logistics manages to offer such low and affordable tariffs because we are a bulk contractor of terminals, meaning we are 100% fully responsible for the shipping service. When you request a quote, you get a full and all inclusive quote of our transportation service covering fuel surcharges, handling costs, as well as the terminal fees. Getting an accurate figure beforehand of what it will cost you means you are able to budget and plan ahead accordingly.

Simply send us the details of your shipment and you will have the most affordable solution presented to you based on your route and preferred mode of transportation.


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