When asked about what a courier pallet delivery is, what first comes to your mind? This might be a newly encountered term for most people. But for those who have tried sending or receiving packages, they should have known this term already. The term might sound very technical but it actually means that a certain package will be sent straight to one’s own home. This type of delivery can be considered special because it is much faster than the ordinary delivery process. The history of this type of delivery has started many years ago when civilizations in different parts of the world were just developing. Courier pallet delivery helps a lot in organizations which are in constant need of delivering urgent packages to clients.Old carriage

In order to fully understand this term, it would be necessary to define each word. Let’s start first with what a pallet is. It is that wooden framed box that is being lifted by a forklift. Familiar right? It isn’t made of wood all the time though. It can be made out of steel, paper, or even plastic. It would really depend on the object being carried. If it is made of light materials, then paper or plastic pallets would do. But to packages which are heavy, steel pallets are often used to assure best support of the packages during the delivery.

Now what is a courier? Within the context of courier pallet delivery, it refers to the delivery service offered by different companies which assures customers of a faster delivery time. Consumers most often prefer their items to be palletized because the safety of the items is guaranteed. But don’t get excited just yet. There are still a couple of things to consider before actually availing.Truck

“Courier Pallet delivery can be described in one word: Hassle-free. The delivery is fast and the items are secured.”

Determining the weight of the package helps a lot in categorizing them and assigning which pallet will fit them.

When talking about courier pallet delivery, there is a standard size every company follows and implements in all packages. Usually, there are three types of pallets – full, half and quarter pallet. The three of these have the same measurements for length and width which are 120cm and 100cm respectively. The difference lies on their height. The following is the height of each types of pallet:

  • Full – 220cm
  • Half – 110cm
  • Quarter – 80cm

For packages exceeding the said measurements, there is no need to worry. Some companies offer oversized pallets one can avail of. Take note that some companies have weight limits so better check it out too. The weight limit might be 1200 kgs for the full pallet but this may really differ from one company to another.

It is always so good to know how technology has improved even the tiresome courier service which has existed for so many years now. With courier pallet delivery, important packages can now be transported in a much faster pace. Businesses can surely profit from this and loved ones can send as many packages they want all year long.