CMR (Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road) is the official international consignment note, which was adopted in Geneva in 1956. As the name says CMRs are used in road transport.

What if road transport would not be using CMRs?
• It would be unclear who is responsible for the damages caused during transportation and the liability would most probably fall on the sender.
• If the cargo should get damaged during transportation, the sender would have no possibility to prove the carrier’s liability.
• The whole information regarding the transportation would be scattered around in emails, Skype conversations, thus difficult to find.
• There wouldn’t be a clear overview of who transports what, where, what with, and so on.
• The sender would have no proof of the cargo and its’ quantity sent.


DOWNLOAD the CMR form in excel


The CMR consignment note doesn’t differ much from others alike, however, its’ advantage to the sender of the cargo is the CMR insurance, for which the sender doesn’t have to pay anything extra. So when damages occur to the cargo during transportation the carrier is held liable.

The carriers liability in CMR for road transportation is up to 8.33 SDR, which is about 8.3 GBP per gross kg of cargo. SDR is an international currency unit. The rates can be checked HERE. If the value of the cargo exceeds that limit one should definitely consider a full insurance.

For more detailed information download the CMR Convention from the UNECE website.