Most probably many of you have faced the question of how to load your cargo to a truck. In this post we are going to give a brief overview on the most common loading possibilities.  There are various ways to load a trailer, because one can access it from behind, top and from the both sides.

loading by handObviously the easiest way to load a trailer is by hand. This solution is suitable when you have a limited number of lightweight packages. You can load them from behind or from the sides.

The most traditional way to load a trailer is with a forklift. This way you can lift more weight, however, the precondition is that the cargo is packed onto a standardized pallet and obviously you have to have a forklift available. The typical pallet is made of wood or plastic and a EUR size pallet comes in 1.2 x 0.8m and costs around 6-10 Euros.

loading with forkliftTherefore, if you have several packages or boxes then it makes sense to pack them on a pallet. This way you can save time when loading a trailer and there is no need for manual weightlifting. You can load the trailer with the forklift from the both sides and from the back.

loading with tail-lift truck

What if you have no forklift available? In this case it makes sense to order a tail-lift truck to come pick up the cargo. This type of truck has a lift on its back, which makes it easy to load the truck.

Typically all tail-lift trucks are equipped with a rocla (a small forklift basically), which can be used to move to cargo around. Yet again, saves you some weightlifting. The rocla is used to lift the cargo off the ground and onto the tail-lift and then into the truck. Very simple.

loading with a craneToday’s logistics business means occasionally transporting also much bigger shipments or over-sized shipments like industrial equipment, concrete blocks, metal, etc. They will not fit on a pallet and are too heavy for a forklift. This is when cranes become handy for loading the cargo. The truck driver removes the covering of the trailer and it is loaded from the top.

Now you know the four most common types of loading a trailer. Do not hesitate to ask any further questions by contacting us.