There are plenty of ways to go about shipping. There are numerous shipping services available to us for nearly every kind of shipment you can think of. We’ve all had a fair share of experience dealing with some sort of shipping as customers, but what about as employees of the logistics field? Sending, receiving, and transporting shipments might seem like a straightforward process, but in actuality, it’s quite complicated. One of the professions is being part of freight forwarding companies. Not everyone is familiar with the job, but that’s understandable. Here’s a short background about it to make it easier.

You could say that a freight forwarder acts as a type of coordinator between you, the client, and the shipping companies responsible for your shipment. Their main objective is to ensure that your shipment reaches its destination on time. The thing is, shipments usually undergo different types of transportation on their way to their destination. Everyone is pretty familiar with them, which are:freight forwarding

As convenient as it would be, not all shipping companies have their own branded line of trucks, trains, airplanes, and ships. So, freight forwarder companies are responsible for making arrangements between different companies in order for shipments to be transported the whole way. They might go to company A for truck services, company B for train services, company C for airplane services, and so on. All in all, this creates a collaborative and smooth processing of shipments. This is especially crucial to international deliveries and their long distances.

As clients, the most paperwork we do when it comes to shipping is filling in the shipping address, right? Easy stuff. This is because the rest of the documentation is put in the shipping and freight forwarder companies’ hands. Shipping happens every day at every single second, so you can imagine how much documentation is needed to keep track of thousands to millions of shipments and organizing them accordingly. Luckily for us, freight forwarders assist us with the proper legal paperwork especially in regards to international shipments.

Simply put, different countries have different laws on what can and cannot be shipped into their boundaries. They may also have a different approach to processing international shipments coming their way. These precautions are completely necessary because there a times when shipments may pose a threat to the security of a country. This entails a good amount of legal paperwork in order for them to be completely certain that these shipments are safe to enter the country. We’re lucky to have freight forwarders there for us to take charge of these formalities so that our shipments can reach their destination.

From this we can see that freight forwarding companies are an integral aspect of logistics that make sure that shipments are delivered. Not everyone knows the important roles they play in the shipping process, but now that you do, maybe you’ve found a brand new appreciation for helping make shipments around the world possible.