Probably all of us have seen those big box-like containers being transported by really big trucks towards the port. They differ in color – some are blue, red, and many more. Those containers are made out of steel or other metal. They look really heavy right? But don’t underestimate these containers because they really make the lives of people a lot easier in terms of shipping goods. Container shipping makes it possible to ship goods in an orderly manner. Not only that, it also assures the safe transport of goods from one place to another. Isn’t it a very convenient way of transporting goods and cargos?

Container shipping

Before the development of containers, shipment companies had a lot of difficulty in terms of loading and unloading of goods. Take for instance break-bulk cargoes. These are placed in packages and are composed of manufactured goods. People had to load these cargoes in the ship one at a time and then tie them together afterwards. Unloading them also follows the same process – untying then unloading them one by one. This method is just so tiring and time-consuming, right? It also needs a lot of manpower to be able to perform all the tasks.

With the birth of containerization, transporting goods has been made easier. The cargo can be grouped together in one container. Through this, moving them from one place to another won’t be that difficult anymore. With the use of trucks, it is possible. A person also has the option of getting an entire container for his/her cargos only. This is called Full Container Load. One has to pay a certain amount but it doesn’t really matter though. The most important thing is that containerization keeps the cargos safe and secure by following standard procedures.

Shipping containers has many different names. In order to avoid confusion, it is better to have knowledge on each one.

When the containers are being used only for the purpose of shipping, there are four possible names for it such as: Shipping Container, ISO Container, Cargo Container and Conex Box. But when the containers are only used for construction and storing purposes, they can be called names such as ISBU Module or simply ISBU, and GreenCube.

These containers are mostly placed in container ships. These ships are mostly equipped with their own cranes that are helpful in loading and unloading containers. Big container ships are used for long destinations such as international ones and can carry up to 10,000 containers in just one trip. But for shorter routes, Ro-Ro’s (for Roll-On and Roll-Off) can be used. These are still container ships that have their own built-in shore-based ramp system which makes loading and unloading shipping containers a lot easier and faster.

Modern advances in technology have truly improved everyone’s lives. In this context, it also improved container shipping a lot. Gone are the days of loading and unloading cargos manually. Now, with the help of cranes, lifting heavy containers is now more than possibly easy. It also made shipping goods safe and reliable. This is such a convenient way of exporting or even importing goods from one country to another.