In order to reach countries far away, a person needs to find ways to send things to those places. But what ways are there? Well, you can certainly make use of airfreight services. You can be doing this for business purposes or just sending packages for a loved one. For some, this kind of service is new and some may admit not having tried doing this service alone. Therefore, it is very important to know the entire process and the people or companies you have to go to. So sit back and continue reading to learn more about this amazing service.

airfreightWhen the word freight is mentioned, people usually automatically assume that huge and heavy shipments are involved. But this is not necessarily the case all the time. Because cargo planes generally travel faster than ships, most people prefer using it. Some might argue that the capacity of planes to carry heavy shipments is limited. But the truth is there are now companies having no size and weight limits and schedule limitations. The trick is finding companies that offer these but even this is quite hard to do.

Some companies provide special services to their customers which are meant to be cost-effective and efficient at the same time. One of these special services is called “Priority Air”. This service can be availed of by special arrangement which makes it special. The customer can reserve this service, of course, at extra cost, with the guarantee of the shipments being prioritized. Most of the shipments being handled by this service are considered sensitive and needs to be shipped at once. In fact, some planes have specialized planes for sensitive products like sea foods.

The second special service is called “Consolidated Air”. Companies refer to this as the most cost-effective method of transporting shipments. Why is that so? The explanation is quite simple. The shipments will still be using regular airfreight carriers but in a much lesser cost. How is this possible? Well, your shipments will be combined with other cargos which make 2 to 3 flights available per week. But the thing is this is only applicable to cargos that don’t need to be shipped urgently.

Lastly, a freight company needs to have access to worldwide charters to make shipping possible and easy. There are different kinds of charter planes available and there is a specific one fit for your needs. These planes range from helicopters, private jets, and many more. Charter planes can carry a variety of shipments such as a luxury car and other high-value goods. These planes cater to domestic and even to international shipments which make these so important to business people, or even normal citizens.

Airfreight services are so handy to use. You can ask the freight company to pick up the shipment from your home to the airport. Or you can also have the “door-to-door” option which is handy for you and the recipient of the shipment since it will be picked-up and delivered right to the recipient’s doorstep. Really interesting, right? Go ahead and try this amazing service right now.