Think back on the last time you went to the mall and you went to your most favorite store to find out they were out of stock of the shoes you wanted to buy. What a shame? Maybe you tried asking one of the salespeople when new stocks will arrive. They tell you that it’ll be a couple of weeks before they come in. So, you wait those two weeks and visit the store again. Voila! The new stocks of shoes are in. But have you ever wondered how they got there in the first place? Here’s a small hint: a container shipping service.

Container shipping service

You might be sitting there with a confused look on your face, asking, “What on earth is that?” It might not be of relevance to you, but shipping services are a detrimental factor in getting your favorite products as close as possible to home. So here’s a rough outline on how they make this happen.

First on the list is defining a container.

A container, in the most simplistic terms, refers to a gigantic metal box for storing and transporting goods. Take note that gigantic truly means gigantic. Think back again, and this time try to remember a time you were at a sea port or passed by one and saw all of these huge metal, rectangular boxes. They might have been being unloaded fresh from a ship or being set aside. Those are a definite example of the containers mentioned above. If you haven’t seen them at a sea port, you might’ve seen them being shipped by train even.

If you know what type of cargo you wish to ship, the next step is finding out what type of shipping service handles that cargo.

So now you should have a relatively good idea of what a container is. At least containers designed for sea freight. “Huh?” There are actually different types of containers used for different shipping services. A shipping service is typically responsible for the handling and delivery of a client’s goods. What kind of shipping service is utilized and is determined by the type of goods you have in mind. For instance, containers used for aircraft are termed as unit load devices. Mail and small packages, known as express items, are usually delivered by air.

But if you’re thinking about shipping something that weighs a lot or something in bulk, air freight is still an option. It’s not like before when airplanes were used mainly for delivering mail. Today they can handle much larger quantities and heavier loads. Now if you’re talking about those shoes you explained waiting for a little earlier, it’s more likely that they were delivered through sea shipping services. Shoes are generally mass produced for worldwide distribution, which means they need to ship a lot of them while maintaining cost efficiency. In this case, sea shipping services are more beneficial since they are tailored to fit those exact standards.

There you have it; a basic overview on what a container shipping service is. It wasn’t that detailed and in-depth, but at least you learned something, right? If all else, you can even do a little more research if you’re interested.