ATA Carnet is a customs document that you can use to temporarily import goods without a payment of normally applicable duties and taxes, including value added tax (VAT).

ata carnetSo long as the goods are re-exported within the time frame no duties or taxes are due.

ATA is an acronym that stands for a combination of French and English phrases of “Admission Temporaire/Temporary Admission“.

Countries that accept ATA do not charge you for taxes and duties. Currently 61 countries have approved the system (including Russia and European Union).

The Carnet allows companies but also sportsmen or other professionals, who travel a lot, to use it as a simplified customs document. One can enter and exit the EU and visit several countries multiple times during a year.

The ATA Carnet covers the following items:

  • Exhibition exhibits
  • Product samples
  • Professional equipment

ATA requires the return of the products to the original country unchanged. This means that the products cannot be altered or renovated in other countries.

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