According to Wikipedia – expediting is a concept in purchasing and project management for securing the quality and timely delivery of goods and components.

To make it a little easier expediting, we say, is the process of organizing a shipping service.

expeditingThe expediting company is the link between you and the delivery company (the carrier). The expediting company doesn’t own trucks; however, they have certain partners they use to transport the goods of their customers. Expediting is a process where on the one side you manage the customers and their needs and on the other side match the trucks of the various transporting companies to deliver the shipments.

Taking care of the delivery trucks is a task for the carriers. They own them, thus they are responsible for keeping them in proper condition. In this way a division is achieved – the carriers are responsible for the trucks and the expeditors interact with the customer and organize shipments. The responsibility of the expeditor is to piece together the load of the truck.

Such a model is much more convenient for the parties. This is proven by the fact that a great number of the logistics companies use it. This way the waste of resources is kept at the very minimum and the cheapest price is achieved for the customer.

The price of the expediting service is relatively cheap. It is distributed between a full truck load of cargo. The expeditor pieces together the load from the goods of various customers and this way economy of scale is achieved.

The expeditor offers a variety of other logistics services too – warehousing, distribution logistics, customs, shipping with tail lift trucks etc. – trying to find such services separately can be quite a hassle.

expediting companyThe partners of an expediting company are carefully chosen, taking into consideration their quality of work and experience. The co-operation with them is on regular basis so all the systems are well in place. We might even say that the carrier is the business card of the expediting company.

The added value of the expeditor is that you will get all the necessary for a logistics service from one place, this way you’ll save time and money and you can focus on your core business.