The worst case scenario in the transporting business is that a shipment gets stolen. This article will tell you what to do if that is the case with you.

robbery of shipmentFirst of all, be sure to ask if the driver has already called the police and the police are aware that a robbery took place. Secondly, make sure that the driver keeps the area untouched and gives all the required testimonies to the police.

The quicker you turn to the police and the better the incident area is preserved, the more likely it is to find the criminals, prove them guilty and regain the shipment.

If you think or you are confident that the negligence of the transporting company caused the robbery you have a right to file a claim. Here you can find more information on making a claim.

However, if the driver took good care of the trailer and the shipment and the robbery took place irrespective of his actions the transporting company cannot be held liable. In this case the owner of the goods only has to hope that the police catch the criminals.

However, you shouldn’t place your bets on them only because finding the goods is a difficult task for the police and determining who is actually liable can also be a troublesome process, which usually ends up in the court.

That is why we recommend our customers to always insure their goods! This way you are protected for any loss or damage to the shipment. To find out which insurance suits the best for you, please contact us.