Three-fourths of the earth’s surface is covered by water. Whenever you want to send or receive goods from another place and you are separated by seas, you need to go to freight servicing companies who can do it for you and transport your goods by sea or by air. Transporting by air is generally faster than by sea, but when tons and tons are transported, it becomes difficult to transport it by air. Cheap sea freight forwarders have done such business of shipping various materials for many years. And whatever raw material or product you are planning to ship, you will surely find one shipping company that offers the perfect solution.

Sea freight

Sea freight services are quite different from parcel service or air freight service in that the pricing or rates for the former are based on the volume instead of the weight of your cargo.

Volume is defined as the amount of space your cargo occupies and how heavy your box should weigh may be a major factor of logistic pricing. Thus, you might often come across LCL or Less than Container Load term and it is very important that you understand this perfectly well.

Shipping cargoes by LCL offers the advantage of disregarding the weight of your cargo being exported or imported. So you need not worry about spending more with heavier materials. Freight rates in international ocean shipping are rated by cubic meter. So you will pay by the total volume of your cargo which is the summation of the volumes of your shipping units including the fractions.

Also, when using LCL freight service, you can ship overseas any amount of volume. So while sending a box can be quite expensive by air freight, you can opt to have your box shipped overseas by LCL ocean freight service. The cost is much lower and affordable. But it would take longer than transporting by air though.

Actually, there are two kinds of sea freight service.

Aside from LCL, there is also the FCL or Full Container Load. LCL has more than one company’s or owner’s goods in it. It is more expensive than FCL in the sense that freight forwarders would have to do more work in arranging and managing the stuffs inside the container. Export companies usually would wait until they can get enough orders to be able to fill one 20-foot container to be shipped once.

Shipping by sea takes more time than by air. In addition, weather conditions and unexpected turbulences may occur along the way. Professional and well-reputed cheap sea freight services can mitigate these risks and hurdle these difficulties though, so if you are planning to transport your cargo by ship, it would be best to trust only a shipping company that has a proven excellent track record. Though it may be possible for your goods to be insured, the aftermath of such loss can escalate into bigger losses especially when you are delivering customer orders. Thus, to succeed with your business, partner only with the trusted brand in sea logistics.