Are you in need of cargo transport to Estonia?

transport to EstoniaETS Logistics is experienced in shipping to and from Estonia and all over the world.  Just hit the “Get a Quote” button below to send us an inquiry and we would be happy to help you with cargo transport to Estonia.

You will get:

  • A door-to-door service – we will pick the cargo up from your doorstep and bring it exactly where you want to
  • You will get a free insurance to your cargo (details under cargo insurance):
  • You can order a 100% risk insurance if the value of your cargo exceeds the limits listed above
  • A personal freight forwarder to help you with administration and paperwork if necessary
  • The best price on the market with no hidden fees attached
  • We will take care of the logistics with your foreign partners
  • You can choose the transportation method most suitable for you – land, sea or air
  • Pick up 5 times a week

So if you are looking for cargo transport to Estonia, don’t hesitate to contact us. Just click ‘get a quote here’, send us the measurements of your cargo and we will answer you within minutes!

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