When planning to commission a shipment, you should be aware of the eventual compensation in case of the worst scenario, i.e. if the cargo is lost or damaged during the shipment.

If the cargo is damaged during the shipment, the owner of the cargo has a right of claim against the carrier. No separate charge is required from the client (cargo owner) for the carrier’s liability.

At road transport, the carrier’s liability is limited to a maximum of SDR 8.33, i.e. ca GBP 8.3 per gross kg of cargo (CMR insurance).

Compensation shall be paid by the carrier on the condition that the carrier is at fault for the damage. The carrier cannot be held liable for the damage if the causes of the damage could not be foreseen by the carrier (e.g. robbery).

If the value of your cargo significantly exceeds the maximum limit of the liability, we recommend obtaining a full cargo insurance against all risks, pursuant to the ICC (A) clauses. Purchasing additional insurance is a very common and natural precaution e.g. in Germany and Norway.

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