A truck with a tail-lift gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to transportation.

hand pallet truckThis type of a truck has a special lift on the back that is designed to lift a heavy load from the ground level to the level of the truck. This makes the process of loading much simpler and quickens the overall procedure, when you don’t have a forklift available, or the cargo is too heavy for manual lifting.

To load a tail lift truck you only need a hand pallet truck (also known as a rocla), which can transport the pallet/or package to the lift. Usually tail-lift trucks have a rocla already inside the truck as standard equipment, so you don’t have to worry about buying one.

A tail-lift truck is effective when you want to transport your goods to areas which are not that well accessible with big trailers. A tail-lift truck is only 7-12 meters long, compared to a trailer with 16.5m.

ETS Logistics can offer you tail-lift trucks, which are 7 or 9.3 metres long and 2.45 wide, height 2.0.

tail-lift truck

The load-bearing capacity is equivalently 12 or 15 tons. The walls and the roof are made out of solid material, so these trucks are the perfect choice for transporting soft or unstable goods because you can lean your goods to the walls.

A tail-lift truck has however its limits too. You can only load the truck from behind. The lift can only lift goods up to 700kg. Also the maximal dimensions of goods that fit on the lift are 2400 x 1700 mm.

Therefore, we recommend using a tail-lift truck to transport goods inside a country or to a neighbouring country. For longer distances it becomes ineffective and quite expensive.

If you are interested in transporting your goods with a tail-lift truck, be sure to contact us.