Hi there. How’s the summer going? Hopefully you are enjoying it as much as we are.
We have recently noticed and issue that actually has been around for quite some time, but nobody really paid attention to it.

So what’s the problem? It seems that people actually are quite hesitant to ask for advice from truck drivers when loading their goods. Why, right? I’m writing a small post to tell you how it actually should be working and what the benefit is.

truck driverLoading and unloading trucks is an everyday routine in logistics.

According to the bible of logistics, the CMR convention, the one responsible for loading the cargo is the sender of the goods. And in case anything happens with the cargo due to poor loading/placement, the sender is held liable.

Now the truck driver has to be around when loading the truck and of course drive it later on from point A to B. But people are not taking full advantage of the fact that the driver usually has the most experience on how the cargo should be placed onto the truck. One can, and should, always ask advice from the driver when loading cargo.

Each type of cargo has its own specific tricks. The driver might have some good thoughts or ideas on how to best pack the cargo onto the truck. Moreover, the driver can give you sound advice on the equipment needed for loading the truck (like belts, etc). If the cargo is properly secured the trip is much safer and the process of transportation much smoother.

Once again, when shipping do not hesitate to ask advice from the driver or ask him to double-check the goods after the loading process has been completed. A proper shipping service starts from proper loading.

Good luck!